Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 (Till 2050)

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    • Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 (Till 2050)

      Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 (Till 2050) | 96.54 MB

      Avast! 6 Pro Antivirus & Internet Security incarnation of all the high technology for one purpose: to provide you the highest level of protection against computer viruses. These products are an ideal solution for workstations based on Windows. Avast! Internet Security - an anti-virus software that can find viruses on your PC hard disk in its memory, boot sectors, etc. Supported by a virus in the letters, there is a script blocker. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet. Avast! has a simple and intuitive interface with skins support.

      The main components of avast! Internet Security:
      • screens in real time. Screens in real time - this is the most important elements of the program, which continuously protects your computer from viruses. They track all of your computer, checking all programs and files in real time - ie at the time of launching programs and opening or closing the file.
      • Virus scanning. Antivirus avast! 5 includes a number of standard types of scanning, which are installed by default.
      • Anti-Spam Filter avast! Package avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated anti-spam filter designed to detect unwanted email (spam). If your mailbox is constantly moving into the spam box quickly becomes full, you need a letter may not be obtained. In addition, spam increases the load on the mail server, Internet connection, local area networks, etc.
      • Firewall. Package avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall, which can operate directly from the user interface avast!. Firewall monitors all communication between your computer and the outside world and blocks unauthorized actions, guided by the rules "allow" and "Deny". Thus, the firewall can prevent sensitive data from your computer and blocks attempted intrusions by hackers.
      • Command-line scanner. This feature is only available in antivirus avast! Pro and the package avast! Internet Security. Program ashCmd uses to identify potential malware infections are the same modules scan avast!, That the standard interface, so that the scanning results when using it will be exactly the same. Command-line scanner avast! - AshCmd.exe - usually installed in the directory C: Program FilesAlwil Softwareavast5.

      avast! Pro Antivirus - antivirus full. Works better than the free anti-virus avast! Free Antivirus, especially with an active Internet pages you visit, but does not include a firewall and anti-spam, which is in the avast! Internet Security. In addition, avast! Pro Antivirus is recommended if there is a need to configure a custom security configuration.

      The main components of avast! Pro Antivirus:
      • Display a file system - the main component of the scanner in real time avast!. It keeps track of all files and programs on your computer
      • Screen-mail monitors all traffic programs for e-mail and scans all emails before they reach your computer, thus preventing possible damage.
      • Web-based Screen analyze all your actions when visiting Web sites on the Internet and to prevent any threats before they zametit your web browser
      • Display monitors P2P download most applications, P2P (peer to peer programs), virtually all neutralizing the security risks associated with this type of program
      • Display of Internet chat intercepts all download the applications for instant messaging (ICQ, etc.) and checks them for viruses
      • Avast Antivirus Firewall monitors all network activity and blocks viruses that try to infect your system through the network. In addition, the screen is blocking access to known malicious Web sites
      • The screen monitors the system behavior for suspicious behavior, alert the user of any unusual activity

      Homepage - avast.com

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