2014 Patch 1.1

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    • 2014 Patch 1.1

      [Blockierte Grafik:]
      [Blockierte Grafik:]
      [Blockierte Grafik:] 2014 Patch 1.1 adds 12 2. Bundesliga teams with all correct squads, kits, faces, lineups and stadium names. All kits and faces for the 2. Bundesliga teams have been done from scratch using PES 2014 technologies.

      We also added more national team kits including Colombia and Mexico and corrected fonts for a few teams including Napoli and Sevilla. The sleeve patches for all Premier League and Bundesliga teams have been added as well in 2014 Patch 1.1.

      New Features 2014 Patch 1.1

      2. Bundesliga added: 12 teams with all correct kits, faces, squads, lineups and stadium names
      New kits: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nürnberg, Peru, Sporting CP, Stuttgart, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, West Bromwich
      Added correct fonts for Napoli, Sevilla, Boca Juniors
      Added correct sleeve patches for Bundesliga and Premier League teams
      Added Cafusa Winter, Torfabrik Winter, Tricolore, Ligue 1 OMB, Tafugo and King Chile 2013-2014 balls (thanks to SG)

      Included 2. Bundesliga teams:
      Union Berlin, Arminia Bielefeld, Bochum, Cottbus, Dresden, Düsseldorf, FSV Frankfurt, Fürth, Kaiserslautern, Köln, 1860 München, St. Pauli

      General Features 2014 Patch

      Full Online Mode compatibility
      Includes latest PES 2014 Patch 1.01 and Data Pack 1.00
      Added FULL Bundesliga
      Added 12 2. Bundesliga teams
      Corrects kits for all Premier League teams and many unlicensed National Teams
      Fixed team names and emblems for Premier League and Liga ZON Sagres teams
      Adds 15 new boots
      Corrected player names for unlicensed National Teams (Algeria, Bosnia, Japan, Netherlands, United States etc.)
      Fixed names and emblems for all competitions
      Updated transfers for most important teams + full Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A and La Liga
      Fixed lineups for 50+ teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Napoli etc.)
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