Eclipse 1.0.1

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    • Eclipse 1.0.1

      Requires iOS 7

      Black is the new White with Eclipse, a universal Night Mode for iOS.

      Tired of using your iPhone with that blinding, retina-burning snow white interface? Eclipse fixes that.

      This tweak features:

      - System-wide Night Mode

      - Customizable features (with more coming soon)

      - No winterboard needed!

      - Easily switch from Light or Dark mode

      - Low resource usage

      Coming Soon:

      - Automatically switch from Light/Dark mode depending on daytime

      - More color options

      - Activator/Flipswitch toggles

      - iPad compatibility

      This tweak is enabled and customized via Settings.

      Report all bugs/issues/feature requests via Cydia's contact form or Twitter: @fr0st

      Incompatible with iPad, untested on anything below iOS 7.0

      Configure options from Settings.


      [IMG:] [IMG:]

      system-wide Night Mode for iOS



      - Added option to disable Eclipse inside selected applications (Blacklist)


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