Springtomize 3 1.0.0-3

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    • Springtomize 3 1.0.0-3

      Springtomize 3 1.0.0-3

      [IMG:http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/springtomize3-1.jpg] [IMG:http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/springtomize3-2.jpg]

      Compatible with iOS 7

      Springtomize 3 is the ultimate utility for your iDevice! It's the only
      customization tweak you'll ever need. It features plenty of options to
      customize even the smallest aspect of your device(s). Every single
      option includes a brief explanation of its effect, making it very easy
      to use. The whole application has been localized in 20 different
      languages, so everyone will be able to use it without an issue.

      Get Springtomize 3 today and start personalizing your device like never before.

      Configure options from Settings.

      In this Version (1.0.0-3) changelog:

      - Fixed 2 issues causing Safe Mode in conflict with some tweaks and add GridLock support.

      - Please note that many features will be added by keeping this product
      constantly updated. It will also integrate with many popular features in
      the future.


      -> Mega.co.nz

      -> Limelinx.com

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